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The Women in HealthTech Show

Dec 7, 2021

In this episode of the Women in Health Tech Show, I speak to Jodi Neuhauser.
Jodi is the CEO of Ovaterra, the first intelligent fertility platform that recommends fertility products and services based on where you are in your journey. Ovaterra also has their own line of patented nutraceutical and CPG products to support reproductive health. She is Co-Founder of Allo Fertility, Founder of Reneu Fertility Travel, Advisor to Ovajoyed Fertility in Africa and a stealth birth-control personalized wellness company.


We talk about the personal story that led Jodi to working in the fertility space, and her plans for the future of her businesses. We also speak about starting a business as a women, the importance of building a diverse network and how fertility awareness and support can change workplaces for the better.


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The Women in Health Tech Show is presented by Catherine Davies of Monticle. This episode is sponsored by Monticle’s Health Tech Mastermind

It was edited by Emily Crosby Media.